The Judeo-Masonic Conspiracy

(How the bankers took over the World)

German poster from 1935

The Judeo-Masonic conspiracy is the most controversial and widespread conspiracy theory from the whole twentieth century. The people from many countries believed it was a real threat, world leaders openly spoke about it, left an extensive footprint on the press and literature of the time, and many governments went as far as taking drastic measures in an attempt to put an end to it.

But, what is exactly the Judeo-Masonic conspiracy (also known as: the International-Communist-Judeo-Masonic conspiracy, the Judeo-Masonic-Bolshevik conspiracy, and the International-Marxist-Judeo-Masonic conspiracy)? Where, when, how and why did it all start? Which countries and leaders thought of it as a real threat, openly spoke about it, and acted upon it? Who did they thought was behind it? Why did it seem to vanish after World War II? Is there still a Judeo-Masonic conspiracy going on in the world today? Or, did it never exist?

Along this blog I will try to answer all these questions; find the most important world leaders that believed in it, and what exactly did they believe; analyse the effects of this conspiracy, and evaluate to what extent it shaped the world we live in.

But there is no doubt that researching conspiracy theories is an enormously difficult task -at least doing it the right way-; and even more difficult is getting anywhere near to prove they are real -especially when, like in this case, all the alleged conspirators and witnesses are long gone, and the evidences are buried under centuries of dust, mystery and secrecy-. And if all of this was not enough, there is another matter that complicates this particular research even further: the anti-Semitic character surrounding this particular conspiracy theory, and the fact that most of those who previously touched this subject were mainly influenced by a right-wing ideology with well defined political agendas -which is exactly why so many researchers in the past avoided getting deeper into this particular subject, and why many people have never consider it in the first place. And the truth is that this is a sensible matter that has to be treated with especial care; reason why it is my intention to reference all and every single statement on this blog; take into account for my research only credible sources -or otherwise, make the reader aware of it-; avoid other conspiracy theorists and/or speculation as much as possible; and clearly state when I'm just expressing my personal opinion, instead of describing a factual historical account.

Finally, just say that I hope you enjoy reading and discovering all there is to know about this monumental conspiracy theory as much as I enjoyed researching and writing it. Please leave your comments, doubts and questions. Thank you for your visit and for your interest.

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Disclaimer: This blog and its content is not in any way a generalisation of Judaism or Freemasonry, nor it pretends to judge or criticise either of them. All the images, referenced historical accounts and quotes posted on this blog reflect the views and opinions of their respective authors.


  1. A good introduction to The Judeo-Masonic Conspiracy, as well as an interesting and ernest alternative history of WWII, can be found in THE SUICIDE OF EUROPE by Prince Michael Surdza of Romania. This out-of-print book was published by Western Islands in 1968. Used copies are still floating around. Sturdza also published under the name Zad Rust.

  2. Regardless of whether the state of Israel was or was not reestablished under godly principles, the Lord has allowed it to happen because it is all part of His plan in dealing with Israel during the final seven years of this age. Only when Israel is living in the land can it come to pass. All indicators show that the time is nearly upon us.

    Not until the Jews have suffered immeasurably during the seven year Tribulation and have seen the supernatural work of God on their behalf will the veil of unbelief be removed from their eyes. Then their hearts will be opened to the truth.

    Satan knows what God has prophesied - that Israel will a blessing and a light to the nations when Christ returns and begins his millennial reign of righteousness from Jerusalem. So in an effort to thwart God's plan and deceive the masses, Satan, over the centuries, has rallied a group of Jews into creating a diabolical plan that counterfeits the truth. Through worship and allegiance to Lucifer, this Cabal has the goal of creating a New World Order which will be headed by a Jew, the antichrist, who will enslave the world under his control.

    Jesus Christ will return at the end of the seven year Tribulation and will destroy this Cabal, its leader and all who follow him. Then God's Kingdom will be established on earth as He has promised. God in His wisdom, will allow the counterfeit to succeed for a time so that what has been foretold in the Scriptures will come to pass. He who has an ear, let him hear what God has forewarned will happen. There is no need to live in darkness.

  3. Untill when will we suffer the confused who pretend to believe that ...there will be no volcanic winter again, preventing any discussion and preparation for it?
    We are all candidate HOMELESS by rising earthquakes and expected volcanic winters (if we do not cooperate to AVERT them*), since the end of fuels and metals, like copper for example, finds humanity unprepared, and a destruction of neighborhoods/crops, combined with guided deforestations and misery, will make reconstruction impossible anywhere on the planet ...
    Altruism or cannibalism that drove to COLLAPSE deforestating faraos, Romans, Mayas, Aztecs, Incas, etc etc...?

  4. I have been researching the Masons, United Nations, Denver Airport, Currency Symbols, Washington DC, Ted Turner, Rockefellers, Geoegia Guidestones, etc, etc, etc. I have become quite the informed one on all of this conspiracy theory stuff! I'm actually a very grounded person. I just want to tell you that although I haven't read your blog page (yet) and before that I even discovered that there is a Judeo-Masonic conspiracy theory, it's pretty much what I've concluded in my own mind and I'm really looking forward to reading your blog to learn more.

  5. How can one point at "Organized Jewry",[not 'the Jews',] and "Freemasons" as if they're independent when they're both controlled by the Jewish aristocracy in England, Europe, and the lower Rothschild branches in America, Russia[now crypto] and China?

    'Socialists', as the pedocidal Jewish Bolshevik's were called, directly and indirectly, but systematically committed genocide against, at least, 66 million White Russian Christians and other gentiles. Like the Masonic French 'revolution', the "Control the Food control the people", famine weapons were used.

    Can we speak of "anti-semitism" conspiracies at all leaving out these rather important CONTEXTS in which these 'antisemitic' out-brakes transpired?

    "Anti-semitism" is disliking organized/Masonic Jewry because their Jewish.

    How far forward we go pretending there's no foundation under what is currently mislabeled "antisemitism" when, thanks the Internet, countless millions have not only the reasons, but full gorey detail from numerous books behind same?[Russian/Chinese] Until all credibility is lost?

    Regards from Cali,

  6. You ask why the Judeo Masons seem to have disappeared after the war and where did they go. Well, I'll tell you where they went. They finally achieved a centuries goal, which is the prize at the end of their rainbow.

    They now own the Vatican and have been there since 1958.

    Many consider this a conspiracy theory, when it is fact. There have been Freemasons sitting in the seat of Peter since 1958. The abomination of evil has had control over what was the Catholic Church since that time, thus rendering said Church as an anti-Christian Church.

    Approximately 1.2 billion Catholics have been duped and so has the rest of the world.

    There have been 6 anti-Popes in Rome since 1958. The true Pope was in exile until murdered by the Judeo Freemasons in 1989 and the rest of the Faith are in exile, hiding from the Freemasons under threat of death.

    The Judeo-Freemasons still exist. They are simply working under the radar preparing for world domination. And that will occur very soon.

    1. The truth is known by only a few. On October 13th, 1917 a great event occurred at Fatima, Portugal which pre-figured the coming end of our generation and the triumph of the true church in the world.

    2. Jeni Crowley from the Beatles movie"magical mystery tour"is the original Paul McCartney in women's clothing. He suffered a head injury on 9/11/1966. Paul's replacement is Phil Ackrill who was in the Diplomats band(Denny Laine was in the band and later joined Wings with "Paul McCartney"). Most celebrities are secretly transgender. Read Genesis 16:12 and also 1 Thessalonians 2:15. The name of the father(Abba) in heaven (shamayim) is I am that I am(Ahayah Ashar Ahayah). Wa(secure) rawach(spirit) qadash(consecrated) is the holy spirit. God=Gad=luck,fortune(money). Yhwh, jhvh, and el are all Babylonian false deities (see the Talmud). Lord=Baal. "Iesous" literally means "hail zeus" in Greek. Jesus in Hebrew means "proud horse". In latin jesus means "earth pig". Bismillah in Arabic letters are the same Greek letters that spell 666 or chi,xi,stigma(the codex vaticanus). The sabbath day is from Friday sun down to Saturday sun down, not Sunday(mark of the beast). The shroud of Turin is the burial cloth of yashaya(my Savior). The Hebrews were the Hyksos(Asian foreign invaders/shepherd Kings). Imhotep is Joseph(both interpreted pharaoh's dreams that saved Egypt from 7 years of famine. Also see the statue of avaris). Thutmosis II is Moses(ipuwer papyrus), Yacob-Har is Jacob, and Sheshi is Abraham. The father knows the end from the beginning and beginning from the end. Good is in his right hand and evil is in his left. All things happen only because of him. He already knows who will be in heaven and hell. Most people will spend eternity in hell because the path to heaven is straight and narrow(Matthew 7:14). He always was,always is and always will be. He is always everywhere. There is no Jerusalem until the world and heaven are both completely destroyed by the fire of the holy spirit. Then heaven and earth will be recreated as one and the throne of Jerusalem will be set up for the father forever. This world will not have peace. Only wars until the end. All things are prophecy for eternity. The Hopi natives said the old world ended in water(Noah's flood) and the new world will end in fire(book of revelations). Aliens and Ufo's are demonic and possibly fallen angels. They aren't from other planets, but from other dimension(s). The world is flat with a dome over it(fallen angels, demons, and satan are bound to this world until judgement day, Abaddon will cast satan into the abyss before satan burns in hell forever with the fallen angels)The Holocaust is a lie. Hitler put Jews into work camps for the German war effort and the allied forces bombed the Jewish food supply, thus causing many to starve to death. Many also died of typhus. Hitler was funded by the Rothschilds(see the haavara agreement of 1933 and also the Balfour declaration) and he himself was a descendant of the Rothschilds. The Rothschilds own central banks in every country except for North Korea and Iran. Drink apple cider vinegar(or any kind of vinegar) and eat pickles. Avoid coffee(adrenal fatigue) drink tea instead. Sleep with your head pointed towards these magnetic cardinal directions(west, south, east). Sing the Pythagorean major scale(do re mi fa Sol la ti do) simply by multiplying any of these hz tones by 1.5 and letting it drone over the root tone while singing the major scale: 128,96,80,104,84,68,110,89,72. While humming the major scale face north,south, east or west while looking at Fibonacci dots or the flower of life(and their mirror images)

  7. Some futher insight into this phenomenom can be gained by reading what Argentinian Father Leonardo Castellani wrote on the subject. I refer you to my translation into English at

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