Spanish poster from 1930
“The invisible world government.
The Jewish program to subdue the world”

So, if all this is true, and there really has been a Jude-Masonic conspiracy for hundreds of years, why don’t we hear about it? Well, the case is that, mainly since WWII, if you believe in the Judeo-Masonic conspiracy you are either: an anti-Semite (like the Tsars), a fascist (like Mussolini), a racist (like Hitler), a fanatic (like the Japanese government era), or a religious fundamentalist (like Franco). Resuming: you either believe in it because you hate the Jews or because you are against Freemasonry.

The case is that it is true that the plot originated in the usury practiced by some European Jews, and that some individuals of Jewish origin and some secret societies -like freemasonry- were fundamental for the conspiracy to progress. But it is also true that not all international bankers are Jewish or members of a Masonic lodge; as well as it is not true that all Jews practiced usury, that not every Jew that practiced usury had anything to do with the conspiracy nor with the international bankers, and it is also quite likely that even the Jewish individual and the secret societies directly involved in the plot did not know they were doing so, nor that there even was a worldwide conspiracy going on. In other words: they were simply used by the international bankers, and for the bankers benefit. Usury has no nationality, creed, ethics or political affiliation; just the profit margin matters. What I'm saying is that, more likely than not, these individuals or secret societies unknowingly worked to fulfil the bankers’ agenda. It was the bankers who chose, funded and supported those causes, countries, secret societies, groups or individuals that would ultimately help them achieve their goals, while they pursued their own agendas; like in the case of Weishaupt's Illuminati against church and state, or the Bolsheviks against the Tsar. The Bankers had no interest in Illuminism or Bolshvism; they were just useful for them at that moment. This tactic is still used to this day by some governments, which support revolutionary or terrorist groups against their enemies; even though their ultimate goals differ, or are even opposed. For example: the US funding and supporting the Mujahidin in their cold war against the Soviets. As later events have revealed, the US had no interest in the Mujahidin taking control of Afghanistan -they were actually opposed to the idea-; they just needed them at that time in order to get the USSR out of the Middle East.

Paradoxically, what really helped the conspiracy succeed more than anything else were the actions of those who believed there was a conspiracy, and the fact that the wrong groups were unjustly blamed for it –reason why it misleadingly bares their name-. As we saw throughout my research, many world leaders spoke and acted against this conspiracy, however, none of them harmed the real perpetrators; they focused on the easiest and most innocent targets, on which they unleashed their vengeance: the Jewish communities and/or the freemasonic fraternities. And in my opinion this was their biggest mistake, the reason why they are repudiated by history, and why this conspiracy is rejected worldwide since then. The prevalent reasoning regarding the Judeo-Masonic conspiracy became: since the Jews and the freemasons were blamed for this conspiracy, and after WWII it was shown that neither conspired, then there really was no Judeo-Masonic conspiracy. As you can see, that line of thought is completely wrong.

I believe it never made any sense calling it “Jude-Masonic”, and actually, this name has built up an impermeable shield around this cabal of international bankers, which automatically disqualifies anyone who mentions it as simply being moved by hatred against the Jews or the freemasons. In fact, it’s not even a good idea to mention the "international bankers", as it is assumed that what you really mean is "Jewish bankers"; and therefore your motivations become clear. Regarding this issue, I would like to clarify, in case anyone had any doubts, that when I said "international bankers" along this blog, I really meant bankers of all nationalities races and creeds. If I wanted to mean Jewish bankers I would have said so; in the same way I said "Jewish usurers" when referring to the Jews that practiced usury in Europe during the Middle Ages. All these issues have allowed the bankers to walk free from any type of suspicion for the second half of the 20th century and until now, and it has been fundamental for their complete takeover.

So, in which stage is the Judeo-Masonic conspiracy nowadays? Well, I have no doubt that most governments around the world are controlled or at least influenced by it -in one way or another- and with them most aspects of our lives and our institutions (like the media, education system, the arts, and so on). The problem is that the plot has thickened so much that it would be practically impossible to know which events are directly related to it and which ones are not, and who is knowingly involved in it and who is not. Actually, we are all involved whether we like it or know it to some extent and we are all a little bit responsible for its success, since we were all brought up to accept and use their services and the practice for which they were despised throughout history: usury.

The End

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[*] It is worth noting that this theory still has a strong presence in some countries. For example: a survey carried out in Russia in 1990 revealed that 18% of Russians still believe there is a Zionist plot against them related to the Judeo-Masonic conspiracy, and that another 25% also do not discard the possibility (Source: Boris Sokolov, “Bloody fake century”,, 2003,


  1. Your research is good, and your information is accurate. This is so hard to find on topics like this!

    So--- that said, I was stung by your conclusion.

    "I think we are all involved in the plot by now to some extent, and we are all a little bit responsible for its success; since we all accept the methods they used –and for which they were despised in the past- as natural: usury (banking) and commerce (speculation)."

    Achh! no!

    We only accept the methods they use because we have been propagandized since birth to accept them. We are essentially the brainwashed descendants of a conquered people.

    One big thing missing from your synopsis is any mention of propaganda. Propaganda in all its forms exploded in this time period, and all of it has been used to direct and guide and influence and persuade and engineer our minds.
    Ed Bernays and Walter Lippman should be mentioned.
    We as humans are far more malliable than we think we are.
    We've been programmed against our natures.. that is why we don't understand why usury is so evil now.
    It is also why we desire employment instead of abhor it.
    What we consider "employment" was once called "wage-slavery" and it was considered just as degrading as chattel-slavery.
    Propaganda and social engineering dominate our lives internally and out.. mainly due to the Rockefeller fortune and his takeover of public education and the establishment of his Foundations, and the Foundations of the other robber barons.

    anyway! just wanted to mention that since its a rarely mentioned but DOMINANT force in our lives, so dominant that people dont really recognize it.
    one of the reasons hitler thought germany lost wwi is because our side's propaganda was better... he was right.

    1. Thank you for your accurate assessment of this chapter; I completely agree with all the points you made.

      Perhaps an additional chapter is needed on propaganda and brainwashing methods, and an extension of this one with a full explain of what that last statement means; as you recommend.

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  2. Excellent work! The conclusion leaves us in a wonderful state of thoughtfulness. To my mind, this writing helped remove a sizeable blindfold, allowing us the potential to see the real source directing the majority now. The deciever of mankind sees us all as having equal value. Under the guise of "love and light" perhaps?

  3. Interesting, thanks for pulling all that together. Machinations...

    The real real underlying process at work is that people themselves want to go shopping and have the things money can buy. So whoever controls the money has great power and they will abuse that power - of course, because they are human too.

    But my comment is subsumed by all the details in this article and that seems to be pretty good AFIK.

    I didn't know a lot of what the article contained, Thank you.

  4. Many thanks for connecting the dots so brilliantly.
    That could become the history book for our grand children.
    Deep Respect and Appreciation

  5. Well researched and condensed into a time-saving and understandable read.

  6. You need to go further and realize this is a Satanic conspiracy, not just a judeo-masonic conspiracy, but your research is spot on.

    Anyone that sees all of the occult images in television and in videos would see the connection. The overall goal is to remove Christianity and replace it with Satanism and in the end have everyone bow down to their image.

  7. And when all the blood letting both physical financial, and spiritual is done, the illumined ones will never achieve what they really crave and plot to achieve. Too bad so sad for them. Thank you for your research. The pure and perfect blood of Jesus cleanses us from all unrighteousness and sets us on high to rule and reign with HIM

  8. You may get some further insight reading what Argentinian Father Leonardo Castellani (1899 - 1981) wrote on this topic:

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